June 29, 2007


My step-mother, Jeanne Logan, does the most amazing work. She starts with white silk and creates masterpieces by dying, stitching and beading them. In her show at the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Jeanne displayed some of the most beautiful fiber art I have ever seen. For her tremendous efforts, she sold several pieces - some even before her opening! I tried to capture her genius with my little digital camera, but the best I could come up with is this:

and this:
These pictures don't do her work justice, unfortunately, but I was so excited that I needed to share with you her beautiful work. Keep your eye on her web site
for updates (and better pictures) of her work!

June 28, 2007


This spring, with the generous help of my future in-laws, we planted tomatoes. When they're all small in those little pots, they seem rather frail and pathetic, so we planted a LOT of them. And, much to our surprise, they are all doing pretty well. Our one Mr. Stripy tomato (isn't that a fun name?) seems to be doing fine, although he's a bit lonely.

On the other hand, our Roma Grapes are going nuts! Can't wait until they're ripe enough to eat:

Maybe by time time I get back from vacation with the fam, they'll be ready... Yum!

June 14, 2007

Of roofing and trucks in front yards

If I had my camera, I'd show you the interesting tarp job and makeshift garden-protecting ramp our non-professional roofers have crafted while they replace the roof on our front porch. It is truly a sight. Especially the 1960s era yellow rusty truck parked precariously on our sloped front lawn. At least we'll stop getting droopy, soggy issues of The Week.

Addendum: The garden-saving ramp thingie didn't work, and our cilantro and curly parsley look dangerously wilty. Now I have to go pick up all those pieces of paint/roofing materials that somehow made their way into our tomato section.

June 7, 2007

Posting This Very Moment

At this very moment, I am contributing to our new blog (translated from the belgico-hibernian* as "Of the Sea"**). I look forward to sharing our various travels and wedding plans this summer.

*If el ranchero wants to correct my Latin, he is welcome.

**Actually, I think it would be "Son of the Sea," but that translation doesn't exactly fit with the key half of the equation.

June 6, 2007

And here, it begins.

This is my new blog. It will chronicle the O'Zee's marriage preparations, discuss issues of all kinds, remark on life in general, and hopefully occassionally contain something interesting and/or helpful to those who choose to read it.