February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Today my beautiful niece, Hannah, turns 9!  Happy birthday, Sweet Girl.

Yes, We Can

I'll admit it, I was glued to the TV last night, with several of my closest Obama-supporting friends, watching the Super Tuesday results trickle in.  Everyone in the punditry world is saying that while Obama won the state count, Clinton won the delegate count. True, analysts.  But there's some kind of power in charisma with real substance behind it, and that's what I see in Obama. He has the unifying power that means he can win in the deep south, where African Americans poured into the polling sites in record numbers, as well as in northern nearly all-white states like Utah and Kansas, by a margin as high as 3 to 1.  

I'll also admit that I am incredibly moved by this remix of one of my favorite Obama speeches. It's worth watching. And watching again. And again.